Launching the Largest Database of Human Knowledge: Diffbot Knowledge Graph

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A new press release reports, “Diffbot today announced the launch of Diffbot Knowledge Graph (DKG): all of the knowledge on the Web, collected and connected into a single, structured source of data, answers, insights, and truth. Using a sophisticated combination of machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing, the DKG is a fully autonomous, AI-curated database of more than 1 trillion facts and 10 billion entities. This represents a repository of knowledge that is nearly 500 times larger than the Google Knowledge Graph, and growing every day. Diffbot is the first company to turn broad-application Artificial Intelligence into a profitable business, powering applications for customers including Salesforce, Cisco, eBay, Yandex, and more. Far from a theoretical research project in search of a business application, Artificial Intelligence is the backbone of Diffbot and the company uses state of the art AI methods to deploy profitable products at scale while also furthering the field by funding extensive research.”

The release goes on, “In contrast to other solutions marketed as Knowledge Graphs, the DKG is: (1) Fully autonomous and curated using Artificial Intelligence, unlike other knowledge graphs which are only partially autonomous and largely curated through manual labor. (2) Built specifically to provide knowledge as the end product, paid for and owned by the customer. No other company makes this available to their customers, as other knowledge graphs have been built to support ad-based search engine business models. (3) Web-wide, regardless of originating language. Diffbot technology can extract, understand, and make searchable any information in French, Chinese, and Cyrillic just as easily as English. (4) Constantly rebuilt, from scratch, which is critical to the business value of the DKG. This rebuilding process ensures that DKG data is fresh, accurate, and comprehensive.”

Read more at Business Wire.

Photo credit: Diffbot

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