Leonovus Announces the Release of its Free Data Discovery Tool

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A new press release reports, “Leonovus Inc., announces the release of its free Data Discovery Tool, which is storage hardware and cloud vendor agnostic. ‘Leonovus Data Discovery Tool provides the information needed by IT infrastructure managers to optimize and reduce their data storage costs. Many organizations use expensive on-premises storage infrastructure for all data, regardless of how frequently they access it.  Using high-performance storage solutions for infrequently accessed (‘cold’) data is wasteful and represents a good opportunity for storage optimization and cost reduction. Data Discovery Tool provides insight into the data stored on organizations’ file servers, identifying the data sets that could be stored in lower-cost on-premises or cloud infrastructure,’ said Tim Bramble, V.P., Product Management.”

The release continues, “Data Discovery Tool performs high speed, low-touch, non-intrusive analytics on SMB/CIFS version 2 or later mountable file servers; building a historical, up-to-the-moment model of the data on each monitored share. The data model can be used to establish policies for the automatic offloading of the file servers – effectively increasing their capacity and extending their longevity. Data Discovery Tool inventories file servers by file type, and the mix of active versus infrequently accessed data. The analytics provide system administrators with information to develop new differential data storage policies to lower costs and increase flexibility, compliance and data security. Data Discovery Tool allows customers to: (1) Visualize their file storage profile. (2) Create reports that include the number of files and the amount of storage they consume according to file type and last access date. (3) Generate and maintain reports for multiple file servers, concurrently. (4) Run analytics reports for each file server to create time-series data to evaluate historical performance, on demand.”

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