MIT-Built Generative AI Company Ikigai Labs Announces New AI Ethics Council

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According to a new press release, Ikigai Labs, a company specializing in generative AI for tabular data, has established a new AI Ethics Council composed of esteemed experts and thought leaders from prominent academic institutions in the United States. This council aims to address crucial ethical and security concerns surrounding the development and implementation of AI technologies, offering recommendations and guidance for both technology organizations and the workforce. Spearheaded by Ikigai’s co-founder and CEO, Dr. Devavrat Shah, who is also a distinguished MIT professor, the council will focus on various topics including AI governance, data privacy, lawfulness, and accuracy.

The founding members of the AI Ethics Council boast diverse expertise in areas such as data science, AI algorithms, social systems, and law. Notable members include Dr. Munther Dahleh from MIT, Aram A. Gavoor from George Washington University, Dr. Michael Kearns from the University of Pennsylvania, and Dr. Michael I. Jordan from the University of California, Berkeley. Their collective experience will contribute to robust discussions and recommendations regarding responsible AI development and deployment.

Meetings of the AI Ethics Council will be held quarterly, with the inaugural gathering addressing the topic of AI governance. Additionally, Ikigai Labs commits to implementing the council’s recommendations, demonstrating a dedication to ethical AI practices. As AI continues to permeate various industries, initiatives like the AI Ethics Council play a crucial role in ensuring that technological advancements are accompanied by ethical considerations and responsible decision-making.