My Career in Data Special Episode: Diamond Nwankwo, Emerging Technology Fellow, U.S. Census Bureau

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Welcome back to a very special episode of My Career in Data. This week we’re breaking from our usual discussion to have an important conversation about racial microaggressions, corporate sexism, and workplace bullying.

We’re pleased this week to welcome back to the podcast Diamond Nwankwo, now an Emerging Technology Fellow at the U.S. Census Bureau, to share her story of race-based corporate bullying and how she was able to survive a hostile work environment.

Trigger warning: This episode contains discussions of corporate bullying and suicide. If you have thoughts of suicide please call 988 ( in the United States, or your local hotline.

Learn more about Diamond.

Diamond’s recommended reading: The Memo by Minda Harts.

Listen to Diamond’s previous conversation with us.

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