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According to a new press release, “nGUVU, a leading innovator in gamification and machine learning software solutions for contact centers, has announced a collaboration with IVADO to apply the latest in academic research to their flagship solution, nGAGEMENT. ‘We are extremely pleased to be partnering with IVADO, the world’s leading data science and research organization,’ said Pierre Donaldson, CEO at nGUVU. ‘The collaboration between nGUVU and IVADO will provide our clients with advanced forecasting and predictive analytics to enable improved workforce performance management and a drastic reduction in employee attrition, the most pervasive and costly challenge in contact centers worldwide’.”

Donaldson added, “With our nGAGEMENT solution, each contact center agent is provided with an immersive and challenging environment, tailored to their individual behavioral patterns and performance. For contact center managers, our current reporting and analytics capabilities will be expanded to include predictive trends, such as an agent’s level of engagement at work and their likelihood to quit or even be absent during critical periods. The benefits are clear: better scheduling acuity and more efficient resource allocation.”

The release goes on, “nGUVU already offers performance management capabilities based on machine learning models, and with the addition of the R&D contributions by data scientists from IVADO, nGAGEMENT will benefit from the latest developments in areas such as statistical models, quantitative risk analysis, predictive analysis and deep learning. ‘While game mechanics are a vital aspect of our solution at the user interaction level, and we continue to innovate based on market requirements and user requests, our significant differentiators are based on our machine learning models and focus on data analysis specifically related to our industry,’ added Jacou Sarrazin, Chief Technology Officer at nGUVU.”

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