Nimble Storage Offers Aggressive Entry Point to All-Flash With New Predictive Flash Array

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According to a new release out of the company, “Nimble Storage, the leader in predictive flash, today announced an aggressive entry point to all-flash storage. The new AF1000 is a full-featured all-flash array that offers superior scalability, allowing customers to start small and scale non-disruptively up to 8PB at a substantially lower cost. Nimble also introduced a new generation of Adaptive Flash arrays with significantly improved price-performance and price-capacity benefits across the portfolio. All Nimble arrays include InfoSight Predictive Analytics to predict and prevent storage and non-storage issues across the infrastructure stack.”

Ajay Singh, vice president of product management at Nimble Storage, notes, “Mid-size and large enterprises love the performance and availability of the All Flash arrays we released in February. However, many smaller organizations want all-flash at a lower entry point, without sacrificing features and scalability… The new Nimble All Flash array makes it affordable for organizations of any size to benefit from an all-flash platform with the same capabilities and scalability found in high-end all-flash arrays. The AF1000 is an “entry-level” all-flash array without limitations.”

The release goes on, “The starting point for an AF1000 has up to 20TB effective capacity and is expandable up to 165TB effective capacity in 4U. It can also scale-up and scale-out non-disruptively to achieve over 1.2M IOPS and 8PB of all-flash capacity. Because every Nimble All Flash and Adaptive Flash array runs the same NimbleOS, management and functionality is identical and arrays of any type can be clustered and managed as a single entity in a Unified Flash Fabric. Customers who use All Flash for primary applications can leverage Adaptive Flash for backup, disaster recovery, and archival at a third of the cost of All Flash.”

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