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  • Oct 22 Webinar: Data Leadership – Stop Talking About Data and Start Making an Impact!

Oct 22 Webinar: Data Leadership – Stop Talking About Data and Start Making an Impact!

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DATE: October 22, 2019, This webinar has passed. The recording will be made available On Demand within the next two US business days.

TIME: 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific

PRICE: Free to all attendees

About the Webinar

For any organization to be successful, whatever we do with data must connect to meaningful business improvements—and those must be measured. If current data efforts lack results or accountability, then Data Leadership is our answer.

But Data Leadership isn’t really about the data at all. What makes Data Leadership so powerful is its ability to completely transform organizations. Going beyond traditional data management and governance, Data Leadership builds momentum and delivers the change we’ve long known our businesses need. Data Leadership helps us overcome the lingering data challenges our legacy approaches never will.

This webinar will cover the key concepts of Data Leadership, and what anybody can do to start making a bigger impact for their teams and businesses. Whether your role today is large or small, Data Leadership will be essential to your future data success!

Key Learnings Include:

  • What Data Value really is, and why creating it is the goal of everything we do with data
  • Introduction to the Data Leadership Framework
  • Why Data Leadership is fundamentally about balance
  • How to immediately start making a Data Leadership impact in your organization

About the Speaker

Anthony J. Algmin

Founder and CEO, Algmin Data Leadership, LLC

Anthony J. Algmin is the Founder and CEO of Algmin Data Leadership, a company helping business and technology leaders transform their future with data. With decades of experience in business and hands-on technology roles, Anthony brings better data management to organizations of all kinds. He has led data change initiatives in many industries, serving as a project manager, data architect, and Chief Data Officer.

A popular speaker and advocate for Data Leadership, Anthony makes frequent appearances at conferences and other events. He has a bachelor’s degree from Illinois Wesleyan University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

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