PASS Adopts New Redgate Data Cataloging Solution to Stay Ahead of Data Privacy Concerns

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A new press release reports, “PASS, the global community of data professionals, has become one of the first major users of a new solution from Redgate that automatically discovers and classifies sensitive data in SQL Server. The adoption of SQL Data Catalog will give the organization a clear picture of data across its entire estate, enable the automatic masking of development and test data, and help streamline compliance work. The message from analysts such as Gartner and Forrester is that interest in data catalogs is growing. The requirement to build an inventory and pinpoint the location of personally identifiable information (PII) is vital as the volume and scope of data being collected by businesses grows – and increasingly stringent regulations are introduced to protect it.”

The release continues, “Like many organizations, PASS has a huge database which is constantly being updated and accessed from all around the world through its website. Protecting the personal data of its 300,000 members in the database is an important duty for the IT team. They need to follow the data protection legislation of many different countries and regions, be able to demonstrate compliance with that legislation and, importantly, provide a model for the PASS community that they can emulate. PASS had already taken a major step towards meeting those obligations when it introduced Compliant Database DevOps to its development process using Redgate tools and solutions. This included the automated provisioning of masked copies of the production database to development and testing, to enforce the protection of personal data. But PASS still needed to find a better way to discover and classify data, in order to identify what data should be masked.”

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