Rockset Gains Momentum as the Industry’s Leading Real-Time Database in the Cloud

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According to a new press release, “Rockset, the leading real-time database built for the cloud, today announced that the company is seeing massive new user growth, significant industry partnerships and continued product innovation, as real-time analytics become critical to success for organizations of all sizes. Currently in use by global brands, such as Intel and Deloitte, as well as fast growing start-ups such as Standard Cognition and Full Creative, Rockset has proven to be a critical piece of the stack for building powerful event-driven applications. Rockset is built by the team behind RocksDB and backed by Greylock Partners and Sequoia Capital. Gartner predicts, ‘By 2022, more than half of major new business systems will incorporate continuous intelligence that uses real-time context data to improve decisions.’ Across all industries, data is in motion in the form of clickstreams, sensor data and transactional database change streams. A real-time database in the cloud, Rockset can harness data for situational awareness in the form of live dashboards or for building sense-and-respond systems in the form of data-driven applications.”

The release goes on, “Real-time analytics demands fast answers on fresh data. However, even the most modern data warehouses are optimized for batch analytics. Rockset’s cloud architecture separates ingest compute from query compute so each can be scaled independently to guarantee data freshness, while providing fast SQL. In addition, Rockset’s patent-pending Converged Indexing™ automatically indexes all columns to enable faster-than-ever queries out-of-the-box—essential for the shift from batch to real time.”

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