Rockset Partners with Tableau to Power Real-Time Dashboards on NoSQL Data

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A recent press release states, “Rockset, the serverless search and analytics company that enables real-time SQL on NoSQL data, today announced the capability to build interactive, live Tableau dashboards on NoSQL data, without requiring users to write a single line of code. Making it possible to capture NoSQL data from sources such as Apache Kafka and Amazon DynamoDB, Rockset provides seamless access to new data types and formats, allowing Tableau users to realize the full potential of operational monitoring and analytics on their business data. Today, businesses are challenged to understand the full story of their data as they fail to capture NoSQL data from databases like DynamoDB and event-streaming platforms like Kafka. In an effort to bring NoSQL data into business intelligence, considerable data engineering effort goes into complex ETL and data pipelines, which are difficult to build, expensive to maintain and experience hours of latency — making real-time analytics next to impossible.”

The release continues, “Rockset is a serverless search and analytics engine in the cloud that makes it easy to build fast operational applications on terabytes of data simply using SQL. Only Rockset delivers millisecond-latency SQL directly on raw data, including nested JSON, XML, Parquet and CSV, making it possible to access and join a variety of data sources without requiring a major engineering investment or a single line of code. This enables developers and data engineers to build live dashboards and visualizations that query operational data from databases, data lakes and event streaming platforms via Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).”


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