Rockset Releases Query Lambdas for Developers Building Real-Time Data Applications

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A new press release states, “Rockset, the real-time database in the cloud, today announced the release of Query Lambdas, an industry-first capability that runs developers’ queries in response to events, enabling developers to build data applications faster than ever before. Modern real-time data applications — such as customer 360, inventory management, fraud detection and personalization — help companies stay ahead of their competition by realizing massive internal efficiencies and increasing customer satisfaction. Rockset, built by the team behind RocksDB and Facebook’s online data platform, is focused on increasing developer velocity for teams building modern data applications.”

The release goes on, “Rockset is the real-time database in the cloud that stores and indexes real-time data from transactional databases and event streams, with schema-free JSON documents and declarative SQL over REST. It is used for building applications that make intelligent decisions on real-time data. ‘The team at Standard is always looking to increase the accuracy of the computer vision platform and add new features to the product. We need to be able to drive product improvements from conception to production rapidly, and that involves being able to run experiments and analyze real-time metrics quickly and simply,’ said Tushar Dadlani, computer vision engineering manager at Standard Cognition in a recent case study. ‘Using Rockset in our development environment gives us the ability to perform ad hoc analysis without a significant investment in infrastructure and performance tuning. We have over two thirds of our technical team using Rockset for their work, helping us increase the speed and agility with which we operate’.”

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