RWDG Slides: Data Governance Trends – A Look Backwards and Forwards

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About the Webinar

As DATAVERSITY’s RWDG series hurdles into our 12th year, this webinar takes a quick look behind us, evaluates the present, and predicts the future of Data Governance. Based on webinar numbers, hot Data Governance topics have evolved over the years from policies and best practices, roles and tools, data catalogs and frameworks, to supporting data mesh and fabric, artificial intelligence, virtualization, literacy, and metadata governance. 

Join Bob Seiner as he reflects on the past and what has and has not worked, while sharing examples of enterprise successes and struggles. In this webinar, Bob will challenge the audience to stay a step ahead by learning from the past and blazing a new trail into the future of Data Governance. 

In this webinar, Bob will focus on: 

  • Data Governance’s past, present, and future 
  • How trials and tribulations evolve to success 
  • Leveraging lessons learned to improve productivity 
  • The great Data Governance tool explosion 
  • The future of Data Governance 

About the Speaker

Robert S. Seiner

President and Principal, KIK Consulting and Educational Services

Robert S. Seiner is the President and Principal of KIK Consulting & Educational Services and the Publisher of The Data Administration Newsletter ( Bob was recently awarded the DAMA Professional Award for significant and demonstrable contributions to the Data Management industry. Bob specializes in “Non-Invasive Data Governance,” Data Stewardship, and Metadata Management solutions.

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