RWDG Webinar: Data Architecture Is Data Governance

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About the Webinar

Data Architecture and Data Governance are the same thing! Aren’t they?

Most people would say that this line of thinking is absurd — or even worse. There is NO WAY that they are the same thing. Or are they?

This RWDG webinar with Bob Seiner and his special guest Anthony Algmin looks at the disciplines of Data Governance and Data Architecture and explores how much they are the same … and how they are different. The speakers will let you draw your own conclusion, but they will get you thinking about whether Data Architecture and Data Governance are two sides of the same coin.

In this webinar, Bob and Anthony will discuss:

  • What is meant by the saying two sides of the same coin … and how it relates
  • The similarities between Data Architecture and Data Governance
  • The differences between the two
  • How to use Data Architecture to sell Data Governance … and the other way around
  • Deciding if the two disciplines are the same … or different

About the Speakers

Robert S. Seiner

President and Principal, KIK Consulting and Educational Services

Robert S. Seiner is the President and Principal of KIK Consulting & Educational Services and the Publisher of The Data Administration Newsletter ( Bob was recently awarded the DAMA Professional Award for significant and demonstrable contributions to the Data Management industry. Bob specializes in “Non-Invasive Data Governance,” Data Stewardship, and Metadata Management solutions.

Anthony J. Algmin

Founder and CEO, Algmin Data Leadership, LLC

Anthony J. Algmin is the Founder and CEO of Algmin Data Leadership, a company helping business and technology leaders transform their future with data. With decades of experience in business and hands-on technology roles, Anthony brings better Data Management to organizations of all kinds. He has led data change initiatives in many industries, serving as a project manager, data architect, and Chief Data Officer.

A popular speaker and advocate for Data Leadership, Anthony makes frequent appearances at conferences and other events. He has a bachelor’s degree from Illinois Wesleyan University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

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