Sep 18 Webinar: Maximizing Your Potential with Data Leadership

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DATE: September 18, 2018, This webinar has passed. The recording will be made available On Demand within the next two US business days. 

TIME: 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific

PRICE: Free to all attendees


About the Webinar

Data is everywhere in today’s businesses, and there are countless things for the data professional to do! It can be overwhelming to figure out what we should be doing now, tomorrow, and further down the road. Data Leadership helps us simplify, prioritize, and ultimately find the direction we need.

The value that comes from data can impact an organization in three fundamental ways: increasing revenues, decreasing costs, and managing risk. Data professionals are tasked to optimize data’s impact on these. But knowing our goals—versus how to best achieve them—are two very different things.

The Data Leadership Framework guides us in sorting out the dozens of choices to determine the best actions to take, no matter where we are in our data journey. Attend this DATAVERSITY webinar to start maximizing data value with Data Leadership!

About the Speaker

Anthony J. Algmin

Founder, Algmin Consulting

Anthony J. Algmin helps companies improve their competitiveness in a digital world. His experience includes decades of hands-on technology, management consulting, and executive roles—alongside a passion for leading data-driven change.

The Principal and Founder of Algmin Consulting (, Anthony was previously the first Chief Data Officer for the Chicago Transit Authority, and a senior partner at another boutique consultancy. His early career was spent in the financial industry as a data systems developer and architect, followed by several years in management consulting.

Anthony is the creator of the Data Leadership Framework, which helps organizations balance their efforts across the many areas of data management. He is a popular speaker and writer, with his first book on Data Leadership being published in early 2019. Anthony has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and a BA from Illinois Wesleyan University.


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