Sep 20 DATAVERSITY Demo Day – Data Catalog Tools

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DATE: September 20, 2023, This event has passed. The recordings will be made available On Demand ( within a week of the live event.

TIME: 8:00 AM – 12:45 PM Pacific / 11:00 AM – 3:45 PM Eastern

PRICE: Free to all attendees

Welcome to DATAVERSITY Demo Day, an online exhibit hall. We’ve had many requests from our data-driven community for a vendor-driven online event that gives you an opportunity to learn more about the available tools and services directly from the vendors that could contribute to your Data Governance program’s success.

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Session 1: The Power of a Data Catalog That is Integrated With the Data Access Layer

Data is an important corporate asset and data needs to be utilized to the fullest extent to further corporate business objectives. But more often than not, corporate data is a challenge to maintain because the underlying data infrastructure is constantly changing.  

A data catalog is an essential component to enable a robust data marketplace for users, but must be constantly maintained.  A logical data access layer provides access to secure enterprise-wide data through a business friendly semantic layer and features like advanced cost-based query optimization and AI/ML based query accelerators enable high performance transparently to users.  As underlying data structures constantly change, having an integrated data access layer with your data catalog is key to maintaining a fresh and active data catalog for your users with low maintenance. 

Tune into this webinar to see a live demo of the following: 

  • How the Data Access Layer through an Enterprise Semantic Model is integrated in a Data Catalog 
  • How changes in a data source are easily maintained in the Data Access Layer and Data Catalog 
  • How this integrated approach is a key architectural component for Data Mesh or Data Fabric design 

Session 2: Share the Wealth and Lighten the Load – How Automation and Adoption are Key to a Successful Data Catalog 

For a data catalog to find organizational success, it has to accomplish two essential outcomes — broad user adoption and robust workflow automation. Without widespread adoption by users outside technical teams, a catalog is just another data silo. And given the sheer volume of data at every business, with manual cataloging efforts alone, users struggle to make a dent in the ever-growing pile of new data objects. 

In this demo, you will learn what a data catalog that’s broadly adopted looks like, how global enterprises have engaged thousands of users, and how enables people to manage that user activity at scale. 

You will also see how automation makes it possible to contextualize and govern data at scale. 

Session 3: Data Intelligence + Human Brilliance – Automation on the Data Intelligence Platform 

We all know automation can ease the many manual pains of data management. But how exactly does machine learning pair with human insight to simplify key processes? Join this Session to learn how Alation: 

  • Learns from human behavior to make the most valuable data the most visible, accelerating discovery 
  • Weaves warnings and trust flags into workflows to make data governance effortless (and compliant analytics easy) 
  • Reveals the social community around key assets via conversations and top users, for faster, more human self-service  

Session 4: The Data Cookbook– Deliver Full-featured Data Intelligence in a Pragmatic and Affordable Solution

The Data Cookbook was designed from the beginning to provide everything you need to create data literacy without breaking the bank.  Originally built for the budgets of higher education institutions and non-profit organizations, it is our goal to provide the value of the Data Cookbook to all types of organizations. We believe that your people should be spending your time curating and managing your data rather than administering a tool.  The cloud-based solution offers a complete data catalog and data governance framework that can be implemented rapidly and easily.  This session will cover how the Data Cookbook applies a just-in-time data governance approach that brings a customer-service focus to managing and curating your data knowledge.  We will review features that include data system inventory, data catalog, secure integrated metadata discovery, business glossary, reference data, report/ETL catalog, lineage, data quality monitoring, and much more. More info at

Session 5: Beyond Data Catalog – Using Metadata to Automate Data Management and Data Quality Tasks

Data catalogs have become integral in the modern data landscape, but their full potential often remains untapped. This session will explore why data catalogs are more than just a repository of information, and how they can be a dynamic tool for automation, enabling practitioners to elevate their data handling practices.

Attendees will gain insights into what an automated data catalog looks like, exploring the underlying architecture, essential functionalities, and specific features that are required to use it effectively in automating data ops. The session will provide an example overview of how data catalogs can be transformed into dynamic tools for seamlessly integrating with various data management processes. By focusing on real-world applications, the audience will learn how to leverage catalog metadata for automating data quality checks, streamlining data management tasks, and enhancing overall data workflow efficiency. The session includes a live demonstration using catalog metadata for automating data quality and data management tasks.

Join us to understand how to harness the full potential of data catalogs, streamlining your data processes, and the new way of thinking about metadata driven automation.