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SingleStore Unveils New Capabilities for Real-Time Data Platform

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According to a new press release, SingleStore, an industry-leading real-time data platform, has unveiled its latest release, SingleStore Pro Max. The update introduces groundbreaking features, including indexed vector search, on-demand compute services for GPUs and CPUs, and a new free shared tier. These capabilities aim to streamline development cycles, offering the performance and scale required for building applications. SingleStore emphasizes the importance of simplicity at the core of its data platform, enabling customers to create new revenue streams while reducing technological costs and complexity.

Key features of SingleStore Pro Max include indexed vector search, providing 800-1,000 times faster vector search performance using Approximate Nearest Neighbor (ANN) vector indexing algorithms. Additionally, a new cloud-based Free Shared Tier targets startups and developers, allowing them to bring their ideas to life without committing to a paid plan. The on-demand compute service for GPUs and CPUs enables developers to run database-adjacent workloads securely. SingleStore Kai, now generally available, delivers over 100 times faster analytics on MongoDB without requiring query changes or data transformations.

SingleStore’s real-time data platform is designed for all applications, analytics, and AI. The platform supports high-throughput ingest performance, ACID transactions, low-latency analytics, and various data formats, catering to developers, ML engineers, data engineers, and data scientists. The release positions SingleStore as a comprehensive solution for the next wave of generative AI and data applications, contributing to its high-momentum growth and recognition in the industry.