Slides: Activate your Data Lakehouse with an Enterprise Knowledge Graph

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About the Webinar

Rapid innovation and disruption in the data management space is helping organizations unlock value from data available both inside and outside the enterprise. Organizations operating across physical and digital boundaries are finding new opportunities to serve customers in the way they want to be served. These organizations have done so by harnessing the power of all the data at their disposal. In other words, creating a data-driven culture that looks to democratize data across all aspects of their business functions and operations for richer, faster insights that turn into actionable intelligence at the speed of business.

An Enterprise Knowledge Graph fills that critical gap in existing data management tech stacks. It fits nicely between where data is stored, cataloged, and consumed to eliminate data access barriers, add meaning to data through semantic models, and promote a culture of self-service and self-sufficiency.

Join our session to learn about Enterprise Knowledge Graphs and how they:

  • Streamline access to your data with virtualization
  • Enrich your data with business meaning using semantic standards
  • Identify new connections and insights through inference
  • Deliver better data to your existing analytics tools

About the Speaker

Navin Sharma

VP, Product, Stardog

Navin Sharma is Vice President of Product at Stardog, the leading Enterprise Knowledge Graph technology platform provider. He is a highly regarded data management expert and seasoned product management executive and has helped organizations achieve significant growth with new production innovation and adoption. Among other positions, he has served as VP Product at both Precisely (formerly Syncsort) and Pitney Bowes, Inc.

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