Slides: You Can’t Have Best in Class Governance Without Best in Class Data Lineage

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About the Webinar

Without a complete and accurate understanding of how data flows throughout the organization, it is extremely difficult to establish the processes and metrics necessary for a successful data governance program.  Best-in-class data lineage that provides multi-layered views of the data (cross-system, end-to-end and inner-lineage) plays a critical role in knowledge transfer, issue identification, information on the use of sources/resources, impact analysis, & definition clarity – all extremely necessary for best-in-class data governance.

In this presentation, you’ll hear it straight from the horse’s mouth as Anilh Rameshwar, Data Architect at Zego, shares exactly how automated data lineage provides his department with unprecedented visibility into their data, which is absolutely critical for the organization’s data governance efforts.

About the Speaker

David Bitton

VP Global Sales, Octopai

David has over 20 years of experience working with technology companies, and a solid history of global leadership success in B2B enterprise sales, specifically SaaS. During the last 4 years he has led sales and business development efforts at Octopai, where he enjoys helping BI and analytics professionals harness the power of automated data lineage and discovery to achieve full control of their data.  

Anilh Rameshwar

Data Architect, Zego

Anilh is an accomplished Big Data Analyst, Database Developer, and Software Engineer with 15 years experience processing multi-petabyte datasets, and is skilled in finding the subtle nuances of data that make the difference between day to day metrics and valuable business insights.

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