Snowflake Computing Brings Enterprise-Grade Security to Data Warehousing in the Cloud

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sfby Angela Guess

A new article out of the company reports, “Snowflake Computing, the cloud data warehousing company, today announced new features, third-party validations including support for HIPAA compliance, and a partner integration that together deliver a new standard in built-in security for cloud data warehousing. This comprehensive approach eliminates the complexity and burden of securing data that other solutions place on the customer, giving customers the peace of mind needed to trust important data to the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse. Snowflake’s announcement reinforces the growing recognition that security in the cloud can meet demanding customer requirements. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2017, the number of enterprises with policies against placing any sensitive data in the public cloud will have dropped to 5%.”

The article continues, “By building end-to-end security into its data warehousing service, and offering encryption everywhere, Snowflake ensures that customers can safely move data to the cloud and use the Snowflake service to power their analytics without the increasingly heavy burden of securing their own data environment. ‘With organizations increasingly looking to the cloud, security has become a focal point of today’s data storage conversation and concern,’ said Bob Muglia, CEO of Snowflake Computing. ‘To date, database offerings have put the burden of security on the customer, leaving them to configure, manage, and monitor infrastructure, data, and application security. Snowflake has brought world-class security expertise to designing security into our service from the start, going above and beyond other offerings to relieve users of this burden so that they can focus on solving business problems rather than suffer the headaches of security management’.”

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