Stibo Systems Releases SpirePLM to Manage Products from Ideation to End-of-Life

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According to a new press release, “Stibo Systems, the global leader in multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) solutions, today announced the availability of SpirePLMTM, a flexible and comprehensive Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution powered by Stibo Systems’ Master Data Management platform STEP. Unlike other PLM systems that store product information in one place and leave other IT systems and data independent, SpirePLM works in concert with STEP to gather, integrate and clean data from different systems and then stores information in a central repository. This ensures that organizations work with a single version of the truth throughout the product development cycle.”

The release continues, “Due to increasing customer demands, organizations are constantly pressured to reduce time-to-market and to remain competitive. As a result, efficiently managing information in the product life cycle becomes critical in order to launch products faster without sacrificing quality. However, product data is often stored and managed from different and disconnected systems, which can result in poor designs, reduced visibility, and no guidance for standards, which directly affects customer satisfaction and how quickly new products can launch. SpirePLM addresses these challenges by providing flexible data models and processes to efficiently manage products from ideation to end-of-life. Specifically, the solution manages product information across three distinct areas: line and portfolio planning, new product development and change management.”

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