Trifacta Extends Data Preparation to DataOps with New Functionality for Data Engineers

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A new press release states, “Trifacta, the global leader in data preparation, today announced a new set of capabilities designed to enable data engineers within data operations (DataOps) practices to more efficiently develop, test, schedule and monitor data preparation pipelines in production. With RapidTarget, Trifacta customers can utilize an existing data model to intelligently guide transformations and accelerate the process of generating a new  output dataset that matches the predefined schema. Automator provides end-to-end management of scheduling, monitoring and refining preparation workflows. These new features, along with the new Deployment Manager framework, facilitate the work of data engineers in administering data pipelines that feed analytics, machine learning and data science initiatives.”

The release continues, “DataOps is clearly on the rise, with 73 percent of organizations indicating they planned to invest in the methodology in 2018. In light of this growing adoption of DataOps practices, the role of the data engineer in configuring, managing and scaling data pipelines has risen as a critical position within data management. Trifacta, through its work with large-scale enterprises including New York Life, GlaxoSmithKline and Deutsche Boerse, has seen first-hand how data engineers are a driving force behind the maturation of data preparation from an ad-hoc activity to a standard enterprise data management process. These new features in the Trifacta platform further support the role that data engineers perform in promoting data preparation flows developed by analyst end users into scalable data pipelines that deliver value to the broader organization.”

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