Veritas Enhances Data Resilience with New AI-Powered Features

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According to a new press release, Veritas Technologies unveiled significant advancements in its Veritas 360 Defense platform, emphasizing artificial intelligence (AI)-powered features aimed at enhancing multi-cloud data resilience. The introduction of the industry’s first self-defending data protection solution marks a pivotal development, offering continuous monitoring and defense against cyber threats, particularly those exploiting compromised data protection user credentials. By autonomously detecting anomalies in administrative behavior and adjusting security parameters accordingly, such as implementing multifactor authentication, Veritas aims to fortify organizations against ransomware attacks and other cyber threats.

Additionally, Veritas introduced Alta Copilot, an AI-powered operational copilot integrated into the Veritas Alta View platform. This innovation streamlines data management processes by generating sophisticated reports and simplifying complex tasks through natural language conversation. Leveraging Veritas best practices and product documentation, Alta Copilot empowers IT generalists to optimize technology performance without requiring specialized expertise, thereby enhancing cyber resilience while saving time and resources for organizations like Morgans, according to their chief information officer, Matt Neubauer.

Furthermore, Veritas expanded its vendor ecosystem under the Veritas 360 Defense umbrella, welcoming five new security partners. Among them is Securonix, a leader in security information and event management, whose inclusion aims to bolster threat monitoring, protection, and recoverability. Mark Stevens, global vice president of channels and alliances at Securonix, highlights the importance of early warning systems powered by AI in combating credential abuse attacks. The collaboration underscores the collective effort required to adapt defense strategies in response to evolving cyber threats, emphasizing the crucial role of partnerships and AI technologies in fostering cyber resilience across organizations.