Webinar: How Good Data Quality Enables Panasonic to Keep Roadways Smart, Safe, and Efficient

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About the Webinar

Panasonic Smart Mobility is the intelligent digital mesh of the mobility ecosystem. It is at the forefront of the next big shift in the mobility universe, with its unique combination of software, hardware, and advanced analytics expertise to build smarter, safer ways for people and things to more efficiently navigate the ever-changing world.

The Data Science & Analytics team is developing an innovative information pipeline to collect and process data from many sources, to create aggregations and insights.  To do this, Panasonic is reliant on high-quality, trusted data, across its entire technology stack.

Register to join this webinar and hear Panasonic Smart Mobility’s approach to managing data quality. Attendees will hear:

  • How Panasonic Smart Mobility is using data to build a safer, connected, transportation future
  • How the team is structured to operate efficiently, and use and share data
  • The tools, processes, and methodologies used for data quality management 

About the Speakers

Lauren Cordova


Lauren Cordova established the Data Science & Analytics function for Panasonic’s Smart Mobility Office, bringing together 4 domains of Data Engineering, Analytics Engineering, Data Science, and Quantitative Research with the mission of turning data into insights. The combined strength of this function has delivered on initiatives such as establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), measuring product efficacy and customer satisfaction, and conducting industry-specific testing. Lauren’s team also developed a comprehensive data access solution to support sharing transportation datasets across numerous platforms with members of Panasonic’s growing CV Innovation Community.

Kjeld Lindsted


Kjeld works on the business development team for the Cirrus by Panasonic™ connected vehicle platform helping transportation officials access a complex and rapidly changing technology ecosystem for connected vehicles. Kjeld started his career in traffic management while running a smart city program in California where he oversaw early adoption of traffic signal prioritization technologies for first responders. Kjeld’s expertise spans government technology, product development & innovation management across public agencies, startups, and fortune 500 organizations.

Renee Philipp

Senior Quantitative Researcher, Panasonic

Renee Philipp is currently a Senior Quantitative Researcher on the Data Science & Analytics team where she is working to quantify the impact of connected vehicle technology on roadway safety and mobility. Her professional career has primarily focused on leading research and analytics projects across various industries to include state government, electric utilities, and transportation.

Kevin Bennett

Data Engineering Manager, Panasonic

Kevin Bennett has helped to define and build out the Data & Analytics Engineering functions within the Smart Mobility Office and currently serves as the Data Engineering Manager. His team is comprised of Data Engineers, who oversee data warehousing, data pipelines, and process automation, and Analytics Engineers, who own the full cycle of analytics: data discovery, data modeling, analysis, visualizations, and data storytelling. Since being onboarded he has overseen a ground up rebuild of the entire data stack to ensure the team is at the bleeding edge of technology and has shifted the team to being data owners instead of a consumers. Kevin has worked professionally since 2015 serving primarily as a Data Engineer across logistics, insurance, and transportation industries. He holds a degree in MIS from the University of Memphis and is interested in technology used to advance our civilization forward.

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