Webinar: State of Data Governance in 2021

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About the Webinar

It’s been three years since the General Data Protection Regulation shook up how organizations manage data security and privacy, ushering in a new focus on Data Governance. But what is the state of Data Governance today?

How has it evolved? What’s its role now? Building on prior research, erwin by Quest and ESG have partnered on a new study about what’s driving the practice of Data Governance, program maturity and current challenges. It also examines the connections to data operations and data protection, which is interesting given the fact that improving data security is now the No. 1 driver of Data Governance, according to this year’s survey respondents.

So please join us for this webinar to learn about the:

  • Other primary drivers for enterprise Data Governance programs
  • Most common bottlenecks to program maturity and sustainability
  • Advantages of aligning Data Governance with the other data disciplines

In a post-COVID world, data has the power to be even more transformative, and 84% of business and technology professionals say it represents the best opportunity to develop a competitive advantage during the next 12 to 24 months. Let’s make sure your organization has the intelligence it needs about both data and data systems to empower stakeholders in the front and back office to do what they need to do.

About the Speakers

Mike Leone

Senior Analyst, ESG

Senior Analyst Mike Leone leads coverage of data platforms, analytics, and artificial intelligence at ESG. In his analyst role, Mike draws upon his enthusiasm for bleeding edge technology as well as his engineering and marketing backgrounds to help enterprise technology vendors improve everything from go-to-market strategies to product development. Mike has a strong technical background with early roles in software/hardware engineering and gradually moved into marketing roles by helping translate deep technical concepts into understandable business benefits.

Danny Sandwell

Director of Product Marketing, erwin by Quest

Danny Sandwell is an IT industry veteran who has been helping organizations create value from their data for more than 30 years. As Director of Product Marketing for erwin by Quest, he is responsible for evangelizing the business value and technical capabilities of the company’s enterprise modeling and data intelligence solutions. During Danny’s 20+ years with the erwin brand, he also has worked in pre-sales consulting, product management, business development and business strategy roles – all giving him opportunities to engage with customers across various industries as they plan, develop and manage their data architectures. His goal is to help enterprises unlock their potential while mitigating data-related risks.

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