Yes, Being a Citizen Data Scientist Can Help You Succeed

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If your enterprise has nominated you for the role of a citizen data scientist, you must have the right tools and augmented analytics features to help you fulfill your role. 

Gartner has predicted that “90% of corporate strategies will explicitly mention information as a critical enterprise asset and analytics as an essential competency.” This statement, coupled with the trends established in global corporations, tells us that citizen data scientists and the use of data analytics are not going away. 

If you are wondering whether this new role is a benefit or a burden, you might be interested to know that – with the right analytical tools and techniques – you can gain more visibility and advance your career goals. Let’s look at some of the benefits of becoming a citizen data scientist:

  • Support for day-to-day business decisions
  • Timely and accurate decision-making to produce results
  • Insight, perspective, and analysis you can share with other users
  • Bridging the gap between data scientists, IT, and business users to avoid delays
  • Quicky hypothesizing and prototyping without technical assistance
  • Improved business agility, efficiency, and visibility
  • Production of analytical models for you to use and share
  • Aligning analytics with business objectives and goals to get results

If you have the right tools and techniques, you can easily achieve these benefits and more without advanced training or technical skills, and without waiting for IT, data scientists, or business analysts to provide reports and information. 

If your enterprise really wants you to integrate analytics into your daily work, they must provide easy-to-use tools so you can achieve clear results, easily understand what the data is telling you, and have access to data and analytics from inside the office and on the road, at home, or at a client location. 

Accessible citizen data scientist training goes hand-in-hand with this approach, so you can build a foundation of understanding about your new role, the augmented analytics solution you will be using, and the analytical algorithms and techniques you will use. This is also a way to get business users excited about the potential of the citizen data scientist role and to help them build confidence in using analytics tools. 

Transforming business users into citizen data scientists provides advantages to the organization, to the business users, and to data scientists, and it can provide numerous benefits to you as a citizen data scientist candidate.