What Is PMML and Why Is It Important?

You may not be an analytics expert and you may find terms like PMML integration somewhat daunting. But, in reality, the concept is not complex, and the value is outstanding. So, what is PMML integration? PMML stands for “predictive model markup language.” It is an interchange format that provides a method by which analytical applications and […]

AAA Webinar: Training Pre-Trained AI Models

Download the slides here>> About the Webinar In this webinar, we will provide best practices using pre-trained AI models, such as natural language processing, computer vision, or speech recognition. We will cover how to select and fine-tune the appropriate models for different scenarios and applications, how to evaluate and improve their performance and accuracy, and […]

The Impact of Generative AI on Data Science

As businesses adopt generative AI, a technology that creates new content and finds patterns, what will Data Science, the processes and activity geared to getting insights from big data, look like? How will this kind of analytical work change? Will there be an increased or decreased need for data scientists?  How should businesses adapt their information […]

The Rise of Augmented Analytics: Combining AI with BI for Enhanced Data Insights

Businesses today are drowning in data. The sheer volume and complexity of information available have made it increasingly difficult for organizations to extract meaningful insights using traditional business intelligence (BI) tools and the expertise of specialized data scientists. This is where augmented analytics comes in. This game-changing technology combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI) […]