KNIME Adds New SaaS Features to Automate Analytics Workflows on Community Hub

According to a new press release, KNIME, a software company focusing on user-friendly data handling, has introduced a new Software as a Service (SaaS) offering for its KNIME Community Hub. The KNIME Analytics Platform, an open-source tool, is already available for free, providing full functionality for analytics through an intuitive interface. The KNIME Community Hub […]

Data Science for All: How Open Source Levels the Playing Field in a Talent-Starved Market

Despite today’s data scientist talent shortage, organizations are not holding back from investing in Data Science initiatives.  A recent survey produced by my company in collaboration with TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group shows that most organizations understand how to overcome today’s talent shortage. 87% of respondents said that building Data Science skills across domains and lines of business departments is a […]

How to Become a Citizen Data Scientist

The job responsibilities of a citizen data scientist include dealing with new data, using automated tools to process big data, and creating additional models to gain additional insights. Their primary job is not to make predictions directly from big data, or develop prescriptive analytics, but to build models and use tools that accomplish those goals. […]

Four Perspectives on the Art of Data Analytics

As data science professionals, we are often viewed as people who draw conclusions based only on data and minimize other factors. This perception usually becomes contentious when the insights and evidence from the data are inconsistent with somebody else’s “hypothesis.” Or we are confused and maybe frustrated when “qualitative” analysis trumps quantitative analysis. The next time […]