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Aug 2 DGPO Webinar: Governing Government Data – What Makes it Different?

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DATE: August 2, 2017, This webinar has passed. The recording will be made available in the Members Only section at www.dgpo.org.

TIME: 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific

PRICE: Free to all attendees

This webinar is hosted by:

About the Webinar

Data governance is the universal approach to managing and securing data in organizations. However, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Local public sector agencies are regulated by federal rules, state laws and industry regulations. In addition, these agencies are multifaceted: collecting data on roads and bridges, law enforcement and corrections, energy and environment, licensing and properties, social and protection services, and libraries. These factors create distinct challenges to implementing a data governance program.

In this webinar, Kristi Lahti-Johnson, Data Governance Officer and Responsible Authority for Hennepin County, MN, will share how the Hennepin County Data Governance Team navigates the unique challenges local governments face in respect to protecting data privacy, ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations, and building a culture in which staff know how to manage data responsibly.

Focus of webinar:  

  • Policies and procedures – balancing the individual privacy rights of our residents, the public’s right to know about their government, and the government’s need for and use of the data to do its work
  • Large and complex agency – implementing a data governance program across 30 diverse departments that don’t always speak the same language
  • Change management challenges – team of six staff works to engage and educate over 7,000 employees
  • Resource constraints – program budgets, staffing, data management knowledge

About the Speaker

Kristi Lahti-Johnson, Hennepin County Responsible Authority was appointed as the first Hennepin County Data Governance Officer by the County Board in May 2014.

Ms. Lahti-Johnson leverages her 20+-year career at Hennepin County, the largest county in Minnesota – in the county Attorney’s Office, Human Services Administration, and the Human Services and Public Health Department – building upon relationships with county leaders and securing ongoing support for a data governance program from all levels of the organization. In just three-year’s time, she has led a team of six staff to develop and implement an organizational-wide data governance infrastructure. By establishing a philosophy of “relaxed awareness”, the team has built a culture in which staff view data as an asset while still recognizing the risks that are often associated with data. That philosophy, along with ingenious creativity, has resulted in awareness and ownership of data practices responsibilities at all levels, producing tangible outcomes countywide in the areas of data practices, records management and disposal, and training and communication.

Ms. Lahti-Johnson is a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional and holds a Master’s degree in Public Affairs and an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice.

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