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Sponsor Spotlight Column: Rich Reimer of Splice Machine on Databases


by Charles Roe DATAVERSITY™ recently interviewed Rich Reimer, the Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Splice Machine. Splice Machine are the developers of the only transactional SQL-on-Hadoop database for real-time Big Data applications. Their product maintains the industry standard SQL while still providing the many advantages of NoSQL databases. Splice Machine are a…

How to Build a Big Data R&D Team

Oscar Pistorius and his team

by Angela Guess Jim Meyerle, co-founder of Evolv recently wrote for The Next Web, “As a co-founder at a big data analytics software company, where recruiting talented data scientists and engineers often feels like finding a needle in a haystack, I regularly get asked about lessons learned in building world class, big data-focused R&D teams. Given…

5 Steps to Capitalizing on Big Data

A few more steps

by Angela Guess Inhi Cho Suh, IBM’s Vice President of Big Data, recently shared five steps for taking advantage of Big Data with Forbes. The list begins, “(1) Build a corporate culture that’s savvy about big data and analytics. Organizations are becoming much more data driven, applying insights to everything from key business processes and decisions to the…

Metadata Management Q&A – Part 2

Ian Rowlands

by Ian Rowlands I was privileged to do a webinar on March 19th as a preview for a session that I’m doing at the Enterprise data World Conference in Austin on April 30th. I got some really good questions and I thought I’d use my DATAVERSITY Blog to address some of them in two parts…

Why Apple Should Get Into the Big Data Game


by Angela Guess Jordan Novet of Venture Beat recently opined, “Apple captures billions in revenue every quarter by selling devices, music, and movies, but it could be missing out on a big opportunity: big data. Analysts at Wells Fargo believe the company could become smarter when it comes to tapping lots of the data it’s privy…

Why Big Data Needs “Thick Data”

Thick arrow made from jigsaw puzzle pieces

by Angela Guess Mikkel Krenchel and Christian Madsbjerg of Wired recently wrote, “In a generation, the relationship between the ‘tech genius’ and society has been transformed: from shut-in to savior, from antisocial to society’s best hope. Many now seem convinced that the best way to make sense of our world is by sitting behind a screen…