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Characteristics of a Great Enterprise Data Modeler, Part I

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by Karen Lopez Have you been searching for an enterprise data modeler for your team? How’s that going? About as well as the Canadian Men’s Soccer Team’s chances in the World Cup? I thought so. I’m hearing from many organizations that they are having a tough time finding experienced, enterprise class data modelers. I have some…

Data Governance and the Little League Coach

Janine Joseph

by Janine Joseph I believe you can find Data Governance everywhere you look. It’s not just about how we run our business at work; it’s also about how we run our lives outside of work. It’s not called Data Governance at home, but it surrounds us every day. The latest example of this for me…

August 2014 DATAVERSITY Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

I receive many press releases each day containing various pieces of news companies and PR firms would like DATAVERSITY to cover. Sometimes I send them to be covered in our Data Daily News section. Sometimes I take up offers of interviewing people within the companies to dive deeper into the topic, then connect the interviewee…

DGIQ14: What You Missed If You Didn’t Visit the Exhibition Hall

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by Barbara K. Turner Last month I attended the Data Governance and Information Quality Conference. The conference is known to be the world’s largest event dedicated entirely to data governance and information quality.  In addition to an agenda filled with six tracks of conference sessions and tutorial, the conference hosted a technology forum. There was…

Big Data, Data, And Governance

Ian Rowlands x300 Purple

by Ian Rowlands I’m wrestling with what started out as a simple question for me, but which is becoming more complex daily as I talk to people about it. As the Big Data phenomenon has more and more of an influence on the shape and direction of the way Information Technology supports business, what does…

NoSQL != NoDataModeling, But it is Different

Modern Data Modeler Involvement: Architecture, Planning, SW and Dev

by Karen Lopez I had a fabulous time last month chatting with Dan McCreary ( blog | twitter ) about NoSQL projects and data modeling. It was a follow up to my post NoSQL != NoDataModeling, where I wrote about telling the NoSQL data story.  If you missed the show, you can listen now to the…

Addressing the Big Data Talent Shortage


by Gil Allouche Big data is growing at an enormous rate. There’s more data than ever, and there are more industries beginning to institute big data technology too. Each day there emerge more and more ways in which big data can positively affect our lives and increase effectiveness and efficiency. It’s also becoming easier and…

Microsoft Introduces New Deep Learning System, Project Adam

Daniela Hernandez of Wired reports, “Drawing on the work of a clever cadre of academic researchers, the biggest names in tech—including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple—are embracing a more powerful form of AI known as ‘deep learning,’ using it to improve everything from speech recognition and language translation to computer vision, the ability to identify images without human help.”