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How the Freelance Marketplace is Helping Data Centers to Complete Their Projects on Time

By   /  September 26, 2017  /  No Comments

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How Freelance Marketing has Affected Data Center Management

It is becoming harder to recruit qualified and skilled workers locally for many Data Management business. This is especially common in the technical fields such as marketing and engineering. It is hardly surprising that Data Management organizations are turning to Freelance Marketplaces for solutions. Currently, the number of job outsourcing sites is well above 1,000 and includes reputable sites like Guru, Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer among others.

These websites act as the middlemen between job seekers, who are usually experts in their fields, and companies seeking their services. More importantly, they have measures in place (fines, suspensions, and chargebacks) to ensure that freelancers present their best work to the Data Center clients. Below are some other ways through which telecommunications and data storage companies have taken advantage of freelance labor in management.

Why Freelance Marketplaces are Suitable for sustained growth of Data Centers

  1. Large Labor Pool:As we have hinted above, labor marketplaces attract thousands of freelancers, each of them with their unique talents and skills. Data companies can find everything they need here, from Cloud Migration services to data coding and data analysis at the click of a button. Small businesses can take advantage of this to save on recruitment and retention costs and thereby have more capital to invest in growth and expansion.
  2. Greater Emphasis on Deadlines: A freelance marketplace puts a lot of emphasis on deadlines and will impose fines on freelancers for late or sub-par submissions. Data Management businesses can capitalize on this to ensure their projects are completed way before the official deadlines. Compared to full time employees who often require direct supervision to get their jobs done, freelancers make it easy for Data Center managers.
  3. Lower Costs: Outsourcing is generally associated with low costs, in terms of both finances and time. It is cheaper and more time efficient to hire freelancers than to pay full-time employees. Thus, freelance sites are a great resource for telecommunications and data companies who want to save on labor related costs such as health insurance and allowances.
  4. Less Strain on Management: Businesses that outsource their labor generally require fewer managers (more savings!). Even then, managers do not have to do much in terms of supervision and guidance. Freelancers know their way around things (well, most of them) and will do their best to produce high quality work in a bid to attract future assignments. For small businesses and start-ups with management inadequacies, marketplaces are their best bet to finding reliable short and long-term labor without breaking the bank.

Overall Better Options

Without any doubt, freelance marketplaces are proving to be a revolutionary force that cannot be wished away. As it is with such forces, businesses have to adapt or risk going under. For Data Center and related businesses, big or small, these marketplaces are a great source of technical support and may just be the key to long-term growth and expansion.

While there are some great freelance sites such as the ones we mentioned earlier, locating freelancers who are skilled in Data Management might be relatively tiring.

For a Data Center’s business to grow, they must find a way to complete as many projects as possible while keeping the costs at their lowest. Freelance sites therefore make a lot of sense, even to the bigger businesses. Also, the freelance solutions are often cheaper, faster and more convenient compared to the conventional full time labor.

About the author

Malik Zakaria is an entrepreneur, innovator, and tech executive. Founder and CEO of FieldEngineer.com , a Marketplace of On-Demand telecom workforce, ranging from field engineers to high-level network engineers, project managers and Network Architects in 146 countries. Malik launched FieldEngineer in January 2016 to provide business customers a network of On-Demand engineers, a global workforce of Field Engineers to high-level Network Engineers and Project Managers. Field Engineer was launched to solve supply and demand engineer gap in the telecommunications industry. As founder of FieldEngineer, Malik understands the future of work, from global forces impacting the job market and the rise of the freelance economy to how companies are changing the way they build teams and bridging skills gaps. FieldEngineer is helping companies tap into global human capital at much higher rates. The telecom industry needs a transition from the high-cost impacting workforce to a less cost impacting workforce. He is leading a trend in building cross-border teams and outsourcing niche services Follow Malik on: LinkedIn Follow Field Engineer on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

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