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Slides: Couchbase and Apache Kafka – Bridging the gap between RDBMS and NoSQL

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About the Webinar

Thousands of companies, from Uber and Netflix to Goldman Sachs and Cisco, use Apache Kafka to transform and reshape their data architectures. Kafka is frequently used as the bridge between legacy RDBMS and new NoSQL database systems, effectively transforming SQL table data into JSON documents and vice versa. Many companies also use Kafka for business-critical applications that drive real-time stream processing and analytics, intersystem messaging, high-volume data ingestion, and operational metrics collection.

Couchbase and Kafka can be used together to address high throughput, distributed data management, and transformation challenges.

In this webinar we’ll explore:

  • Where Kafka fits into the big data ecosystem
  • How companies are using Kafka for both real-time processing and as a bus for data exchange
  • An example of how Kafka can bridge legacy RDBMS and new NoSQL database systems
  • Several real-world use case architectures

About the Speakers

Tyler Mitchell

Senior Product Manager, Couchbase

Tyler Mitchell is Senior Product Manager for Couchbase focusing specifically on SDKs to enable rapid application development for Couchbase users. Tyler’s background is in big data SQL analytics where he worked with Actian’s R&D group for Ingres as an engineering director, and earlier as executive director for open source geospatial technology at OSGeo.

David Tucker

Director, Partner Engineering and Alliances, Confluent

David Tucker is a solution architect specializing in complex deployments of enterprise software in physical and virtual environments. He is experienced in product development and solution design across the full range of classic business applications (RDBMS and ERP) as well as the latest in big data technologies (Hadoop platforms and Kafka streams). Prior to Confluent, David was at MapR and Hewlett-Packard.

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