Ataccama Demo: Beyond Data Catalog – Using Metadata to Automate Data Management and Data Quality Tasks

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Data catalogs have become integral in the modern data landscape, but their full potential often remains untapped. This session will explore why data catalogs are more than just a repository of information, and how they can be a dynamic tool for automation, enabling practitioners to elevate their data handling practices.

Attendees will gain insights into what an automated data catalog looks like, exploring the underlying architecture, essential functionalities, and specific features that are required to use it effectively in automating data ops. The session will provide an example overview of how data catalogs can be transformed into dynamic tools for seamlessly integrating with various data management processes. By focusing on real-world applications, the audience will learn how to leverage catalog metadata for automating data quality checks, streamlining data management tasks, and enhancing overall data workflow efficiency. The session includes a live demonstration using catalog metadata for automating data quality and data management tasks.

Join us to understand how to harness the full potential of data catalogs, streamlining your data processes, and the new way of thinking about metadata driven automation.