Atlan Demo: Active Metadata Platform: Unify Your Data Discovery, Cataloging, Lineage, and Governance Experience

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If metadata sits passively in its own little world, with no one seeing or sharing it, does it even matter? Instead of locking up all this metadata and context in yet another silo (which is what traditional catalogs end up doing), Atlan brings this context back into the tools and workflows that your data team uses every day, giving you context where you work.

Join Andrew Ermogenous (Head of North America, Atlan) to learn why pioneering data teams like WeWork, Plaid, Postman, Unilever & Ralph Lauren trust Atlan’s active metadata platform for their data lineage and governance, data catalog, and discovery needs.

Andrew Ermogenous

Head of North America, Atlan

Andrew leads the sales and sales engineering teams at Atlan. Prior to Atlan, he was a data practitioner working on a predictive analytics startup enabling commercial real investors to make decisions on where to invest. He has spent his entire career in Data, AI, and Cloud Infrastructure, first at Oracle and subsequently a variety of venture backed startups. 

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