Data Science and Data Analysis

Click to learn more about author Steve Miller. I met up with a grad school friend of 40 years the other day. While he earned a doctorate and became an academic luminary, I departed the program with a masters in statistical science and went on first to the not-for-profit and then to the business worlds. […]

Presidents and Stock Markets with R

Click to learn more about author Steve Miller. My suburban Chicago neighbors and I were at it again, discussing politics, the economy, and the stock market at an end-of-summer barbecue. Though there’s little support for the current POTUS, the group is differentiated red from blue economically, and discussions are generally quite lively. On the one […]

Chicago Crime Q2, 2018 Update

Click to learn more about author Steve Miller. In my April blog, I reported an update on violent crime in Chicago from January 2001 through March 2018. This is a continuation of analysis I’ve regularly conducted, born of concern for the staggering 50+% increase in Chicago homicides in 2016 from 2015, along with an only […]

Data Science Compensation Survey

Click to learn more about author Steve Miller. I recently came across an article in Forbes on the salaries of Data Scientists. The piece summarized findings from the just-published 5th-annual Burtch Works Study: Salaries of Data Scientists. The study is generally well-done, providing insight into trends and breakdowns of compensation for Data Science professionals. I […]

Chicago Homicides 2018, a Second Look with R

Click to learn more about author Steve Miller. A year ago, I posted a blog on the disturbing 57% increase in Chicago homicides for 2016. There’s been no shortage of loaded commentary since, including strong if misinformed statements by the POTUS. A bit more balanced perspective was provided by fivethiryeight. There can be no denying […]

Methodically Reproducible Data in 2018

Click to learn more about author Steve Miller. I generally establish a theme to my involvement early on when I attend Strata Data. Missing only last year, I’ve been witness to Strata’s large breadth of topics. The last few years have included deep dives into the then new Spark platform and iPython notebook (now Jupyter […]

Jobs, Education, and R

Click to learn more about author Steve Miller. I came across a jaw-dropping article from the Brookings think tank two weeks ago. The column noted that “household employment data reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show that Americans with college degrees can account for all of the net new jobs created over the […]

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