Couchbase Demo: Requirements Driving Modern Applications

  Download the slides here>> Changes in consumer behavior are driving the need for applications to be highly personalized and localized across industries and verticals. Use of a high-performance, feature-rich NoSQL database can support personalization based on behavior, geographical location, and the specific mobile and IoT devices that users are on and around. However, enterprises […]

Fluree Demo: The Great Escape – Liberating 20+ Years of Legacy Data into Knowledge Graphs and Semantics with AI 

  Download the slides here>> Most large enterprises struggle to adopt knowledge graphs and semantic models given years of investments in legacy mainframe, relational database and data warehousing technologies.  Because legacy data has been created and retained in source application schemas with zero semantic structure, the cost and complexity to convert to a universal-semantic data […]

MongoDB Demo: From RDBMS to NoSQL at Enterprise Scale 

  Download the slides here>> NoSQL isn’t just a database. It’s a new way of thinking about data. Traditional RDBMS has been baked into software development for decades. Moving development organizations from RDBMS to NoSQL means overcoming technology momentum and the natural bias to use solutions that are already well understood. Prior to joining MongoDB, […]

Cambridge Semantics Demo: Conversations with Your Data

  Download the slides here>> Knowledge Guru is a revolutionary new feature that facilitates a conversational interaction (similar to ChatGPT) between individuals and data in their organization. The first part of this session will cover Knowledge Guru’s capabilities, and how it utilizes LLM technology. Then we’ll peel back a couple of layers and discuss how […]

ADV Webinar: Understanding the Modern Applications of Graph Databases

  Download the slides here>> About the Webinar Another day, another mind-blowing show of capabilities from the graph database market. Reports feature benchmarks running one trillion relationships where throughput and latency improve linearly with the number of shards that it’s distributed across. There are also demonstrations of a massive knowledge graph that consists of materialized […]

Webinar: Activate your Data Lakehouse with an Enterprise Knowledge Graph

  To view just the slides from this presentation, click HERE>> This webinar is sponsored by: About the Webinar Rapid innovation and disruption in the data management space is helping organizations unlock value from data available both inside and outside the enterprise. Organizations operating across physical and digital boundaries are finding new opportunities to serve customers […]