Semantic Arts Demo: The Future of Graph Deployment Through the Lens of Cyber Security and Application Development

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In this session, we will demo three projects/products:

The first is a developed Industry Knowledge Graph. IKG is a graph implementation of IBB data. IBB has a detailed comprehensive set of data about how companies and brands compete in the industry. Prior to this project the data was only available in spreadsheets and PDFs. This demo shows the graph visualization.

  • The second is from the Center for Internet Security. CIS is a non-profit that promotes security of web connected computers. Their data was previously only available as PDFs and web-based content. This project shows how this data can be expressed in a graph and in particular how it can be integrated with external data (such as the MITRE framework)
  • The final demo is of the “Spark” system. Spark is an internal system Semantic Arts uses to manage its practice. The system is entirely knowledge graph based. The unique aspect of this demo is to show the model driven potential of graph. All the use cases you will see are created without any application code. We will also demo the creation of a new use case.