Dasera Demo: Operationalize Your Data Governance with Dasera

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Enterprises need to operationalize their Data Governance. They need DataGovOps to graduate from the manual to the always-on model, thus achieving effortless data governance. To achieve effective data governance, enterprises need clear ownership and seamless, cross-functional collaboration. One of the largest problems with data governance today is stakeholders too often work in functional silos. Solutions are often designed to meet the needs of a single function, thus reinforcing the silos. Such a segmented approach to data governance results in high amounts of manual inefficiencies, a lack of transparency, non-enforced accountability, and — fundamentally — a data governance program that is woefully insufficient.

Dasera enables data and security teams to operationalize data governance & data security by automating workflows. This unique approach to data governance helps organizations transform their Data Governance function, reduce risk, and empower more employees with more data.

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