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At our Enterprise Data World (EDW) and CDO Vision 2016 conferences, we invited Hannah Sanford to represent key presentations throughout the event in her amazing Graphic Art depictions. It was a big hit among attendees and her finished representations of designated talks were probably one of the most popular subject of tweets throughout the event (#EDW16).

Here we give you the finished pieces created by Hannah.

You may also download the presentation here: CDOVision Mural Summary.ppt

There were twelve sessions in total captured through “Visual Communications” as Hannah describes the work:

  1. The event opening keynote presented by James Tyo titled, The CDO’s Top 10 Surprises of a Successful Enterprise Data Office. James discussed how as the enterprise gravitates toward data for competitive advantage, improved efficiencies and real-time insights, developing an enterprise organization to ensure that the data is managed properly, valued appropriately and leveraged fully is paramount. As BB&T’s Chief Data Officer, Jim Tyo has a proven perspective for developing a world-class, data-driven enterprise approach that he has condensed into a “Top 10” for Enterprise Data Office success. Believing that this organization needs to be thought of as an evolution, not a revolution, Tyo will discuss his philosophy on getting started, gaining executive buy-in and investment, the importance of agility, and the tempting pitfalls along the way.
  2. A collection of talks given at CDO Vision by Liz Rowe, Theresa Kushner, and Maria C Villar collectively titled, Linking Data to Strategy and Mission. These were three case studies supporting the overall discussion topic. Liz is from the State of New Jersey and talked about Getting Data Strategy to Support Business Goals. Theresa is from VMware and talked about the Key to Funding Data Initiatives. Maria is from SAP America and discussed Data Innovation and Digital Transformation at SAP.
  3. A collection of talks given at CDO Vision by Shawn Rogers, Brian Crook, Maksim Pecherskiy, and Steve Ardire collectively titled, Technology Innovation and Leadership. Three of the talks were business level discussions and likewise included a case study. Shawn from Dell Software gave a business discussion about Innovating a Hybrid Data Environment. Brian from Verve Mobile gave a business discussion about Rethinking Your Data Infrastructure for Real-Time Opportunity. Maksim from the City of San Diego presented a case study on The CDO Stack – Using Technology to Enable Strategy. Steve, a startup advisor, talked about how AI is about to Reshape the Workplace and Your Organization’s Data Strategy.
  4. A collection of talks given at CDO Vision by Jeff Gentry, Ilkay Altinas, and Kumar Srivastava collectively titled, Enterprise Analytics Strategy. This collection started with Jeff from Argo Group presenting a case study on Capability-Oriented Data and Analytics Strategy. The following two business talks were Ilkay from the San Diego Supercomputer Center discussing Data Science Thinking for the Evolving Plethora of Applications and Kumar from the Bank of New York and the Silicon Valley Innovation Center discussing Leading Indicators of Big Data Successes.
  5. A collection of talks given at CDO Vision by Thomas Redman, Michael Servaes, and Jason Fishbain collectively titled Scaling and Sustaining the Data Culture. Thomas from Data Quality Solutions presented a business discussion on Getting in Front on Data Quality. Michael, an SO1 CIO in the British Army, presented a case study on Data Governance as a Force Multiplier. Jason from the University of Wisconsin presented a case study on Creating a Culture of Information Literacy.
  6. A collection of talks given at CDO Vision by Cortnie Abercrombie, Anthony J. Algmin, Linda Powell, and Peter Aiken collectively titled The Top Data Job – Changing Minds and Maintaining Commitment. These were three business discussions kicked off by Cortnie from IBM who talked about What CEOs Really Want from CDOs – And How to Deliver on It. Anthony, from Uturn Data Solutions discussed Breaking Old Data Paradigms. Linda from CFPB and Peter from Data Blueprint jointly lead the discussion on Mapping Roles and Structure to Organizational Needs for Ongoing Success.
  7. A collection of talks given at CDO Vision by John Ladley, John Akred, Reuben James Vandeventer, and William Tanenbaum collectively titled, Information Asset Management – On both sides of the Balance Sheet. These four discussions concluded the CDO Vision sessions. John Ladley from First San Francisco Partners talked about Data Debt: A Powerful Metric for Sustaining EIM and DG. John Akred from Silicon Valley Data Science discussed What’s Your Data Worth? Reuben talked about Taking a Statistical Approach to Data Valuation. And William discussed Emerging Data Risk and Liability Issues.
  8. Wednesday’s closing keynote presented by Karla Carter followed by Ben Wellington. Karla, an Associate Professor at Bellevue University discussed Using Data without Losing Your Soul. She went into depth on how you can keep a data-dependent organization alive (and pay the bills and the employees) without losing its (or your) soul. Ben, a Data Scientist and Author from I Quant NY discussed Changing a City with Data Science and Story Telling. He explored how he uses data, and his blog I Quant NY, to make changes in the city he lives in: New York City. From parking ticket geography, to restaurant inspection scores to subway and taxi pricing.
  9. An EDW panel discussion titled Enterprise Data Quality Issue Management and Data Stewardship. On the panel were Joel P. Amick from TIAA, Laura Sebastian-Coleman from Cigna, Lakshmi Randall from, and Chris Sheridan also from TIAA. This panel discussion was about planning for and implementing data stewardship in an organization. The speakers shared their best tips and tricks for making progress and help avoid potential pitfalls along the way.
  10. An EDW panel discussion titled Data Modeling for NoSQL Databases. On the panel were Karen Lopez from InfoAdvisors, Theodore Hills from LexisNexis, William Lyon from Neo Technology, and Dan Myers from DQMatters. It was an introductory level discussion examining many differences and similarities between NoSQL and relational database modeling.
  11. The last keynote of the event was a town hall type discussion led by Thomas Redman, aka “The Data Doc” from Data Quality Solutions. It was an honest discussion about the issues, problems and opportunities that lie ahead for those of us in the data electorate at large.
  12. An advanced seminar held at the end of the event titled Advanced Data Governance delivered by Bob Seiner. Bob led two half-day workshop to educate in-depth how Data Governance programs and roles evolve over the stages of maturity and how to plan and address those changes over time.

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