Denodo Announces Platform Enhancements to Help Organizations Democratize Data

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According to a new press release, Denodo, a data management leader, has introduced significant enhancements to its platform, aiming to revolutionize data usage, enforce data security, and facilitate self-service for business users while enhancing financial operations (FinOps). Following a recent $336 million funding announcement, Denodo’s mission is to unify and secure data assets in real time, making data accessible and valuable to all users and applications. The enhancements address the challenge of organizations expanding data product deployment and analytics projects across diverse platforms and cloud systems.

One key feature is the democratization of data usage through generative AI, enabling business users to interact with data in natural language without SQL skills. Denodo’s pre-built integrations with ChatGPT and Azure OpenAI provide this natural language access to governed datasets. Additionally, Denodo empowers self-service data product development, allowing business teams to create and share datasets easily. This is facilitated within the Denodo Data Catalog through view-creation wizards and an embedded SQL shell. The platform also introduces a FinOps dashboard to optimize cloud costs and improve financial management.

Furthermore, Denodo enhances big data analytics by offering embedded massively parallel processing capabilities based on Presto. This improves performance when processing large data volumes and enables business users to leverage big data analytics without needing SQL or advanced analytics knowledge. Lastly, the platform accelerates privacy compliance by simplifying fine-grained access control policies, allowing data owners to manage access controls for derived views and synchronize security classifications from data governance tools.

These enhancements strengthen data security, enhance self-service for business teams, and provide control over FinOps to boost performance, making data more accessible and valuable in the digital transformation era.

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