Denodo Demo: The Power of a Data Catalog that is Integrated with the Data Access Layer

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Data is an important corporate asset and data needs to be utilized to the fullest extent to further corporate business objectives. But more often than not, corporate data is a challenge to maintain because the underlying data infrastructure is constantly changing.  

A data catalog is an essential component to enable a robust data marketplace for users, but must be constantly maintained.  A logical data access layer provides access to secure enterprise-wide data through a business friendly semantic layer and features like advanced cost-based query optimization and AI/ML based query accelerators enable high performance transparently to users.  As underlying data structures constantly change, having an integrated data access layer with your data catalog is key to maintaining a fresh and active data catalog for your users with low maintenance. 

Tune into this webinar to see a live demo of the following: 

  • How the Data Access Layer through an Enterprise Semantic Model is integrated in a Data Catalog 
  • How changes in a data source are easily maintained in the Data Access Layer and Data Catalog 
  • How this integrated approach is a key architectural component for Data Mesh or Data Fabric design