erwin by Quest Demo: Maturing Your Organization through Data Intelligence 

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Effective data governance is built on a solid foundation of data intelligence. Attend this erwin by Quest demonstration to see the essential data catalog, data literacy and data quality capabilities that can give you the intelligent insights needed to mature your organization and maximize the business impact of your data. Learn how erwin Data Intelligence by Quest can provide you with:  

  • clear visibility and understanding of your data landscape through powerful data lineage, automated data profiling and data quality scoring, and instant impact analysis 
  • fast discovery of high-value data assets for all users through business-friendly asset discovery and marketplace capabilities guided by governance and business context 
  • the data governance toolkit necessary for data stewards and data owners to stand-up data governance programs, automate governance workflows, and support regulatory compliance 

Join us and discover how erwin Data Intelligence gives IT, data governance teams and businessusers the data intelligence needed to move your organization forward.