Feb 17 Demo Day – Data Governance

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DATE: February 17, 2021

TIME: 11 AM – 4 PM Eastern / 8 AM – 1 PM Pacific

PRICE: Free to all attendees

Welcome to DATAVERSITY’s newest education opportunity, Demo Day, an online exhibit hall. We’ve had many requests from our data-driven community for a vendor-driven online event that gives you an opportunity to learn more about the available tools and services directly from the vendors that could contribute to your Data Governance program success.

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Session 1: Automation: The erwin DI “Suite” Spot

The pandemic has exemplified the importance of accurate, complete, and properly modeled data – we couldn’t go from zero information to the facts fast enough. In this session, we’ll explore the data struggles most organizations face in terms of speed to relevant insights. With the erwin Data Intelligence Suite (erwin DI), your enterprise can discover, understand, govern, and socialize its data assets to mitigate risks and realize greater operational results. Built-in automation for data harvesting, documentation, lineage views, and impact analysis removes the barriers to successful and sustainable Data Management and governance programs.

Sam Benedict

Vice President of Solution Strategy, erwin

With more than 25 years in technology, Sam is a strategic planner around Enterprise Data Management, Data Governance, and system development lifecycle improvement. He has worked in the global telecommunications, health care, and manufacturing industries, so he understands the challenges faced by both IT resources and business stakeholders in the information management space. Before joining erwin, Sam led global sales and marketing for AnalytiX DS, which was acquired by erwin. Now he works with erwin clients and partners to adopt data intelligence software as part of their Data Governance initiatives.

Session 2: YourDataConnect Platform for Data Monetization

YourDataConnect is the industry’s first SaaS data monetization platform to help organizations capture financial benefits by growing revenues, reducing costs, and managing risk. This demonstration will cover the following aspects of data monetization:

  • Data valuation
  • Stakeholder and use case identification
  • Business case development
  • Data monetization dashboards for measuring status and results
  • Workflows for managing human tasks around data monetization, including approval processes
  • Data marketplace
  • Legal engineering including regulatory compliance with regulations such as FCRA, HMDA, CECL, etc.
  • Data risk register

Sunil Soares

CEO and Founder, YourDataConnect

Sunil Soares is the founder and CEO of YourDataConnect. Sunil has spent more than a decade in Data Governance work, including stints at IBM and Information Asset. Sunil has worked with hundreds of clients across six continents and multiple industries, including banking, insurance, life sciences, retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, oil, gas, health care, and government.

Greg Ursetta

Chief Revenue Officer, YourDataConnect

Greg Ursetta is YourDataConnect’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). He is responsible for sales and marketing. Greg has held sales leadership roles at Information Asset, Collibra, Immuta, Initiate Systems, and Business Objects

Alex Scroggins

Chief Technology Officer, YourDataConnect

Alex Scroggins is YourDataConnect’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). His responsibilities in this role include promoting best practices within the organization, developing the technical skills of others, identifying new opportunities, and driving innovation through technology.

Session 3: Data Governance 2.0 | The Progressive Model

Data Governance isn’t what it used to be. It’s better. Today, modern techniques make it possible to implement Data Governance programs across an organization quickly, and with far fewer obstacles. Progressive Data Governance is at the pinnacle of modern governance models. It enables companies to introduce Data Governance programs as and when they need to and scale up or down at their discretion. 

Progressive Data Governance is delivered by use case (data discovery, business glossary, governed collaboration, ad-hoc analytics, data lineage, impact analysis, and metadata tools) and function (data literacy, data quality improvement, data certification, data compliance, role and responsibility management, data access management, and data valuation).  

In this session, you’ll learn how a progressive model can enable you to implement a successful step-by-step Data Governance strategy at your own pace and within budget. We’ll show you how, by using this approach, you can identify key business areas that will benefit from a Data Governance program and gradually expand the scope of your strategy as your knowledge and experience grows. 

Sharad Varshney

CEO, OvalEdge

Sharad Varshney is an ace technologist turned entrepreneur. He has founded a company to blend his unique experience in big data technology and process management into creating a much-needed Data Management product – OvalEdge. Before founding OvalEdge, Sharad was a principal architect at the innovative software firm Hortonworks, now merged with Cloudera. He has a nuclear engineering degree from IIT, the premier institute of technology in India.

Session 4: Active Data Governance – A People-First Approach to Achieving Business Goals

Alation’s vision is to help consume data as an organization, to empower a curious and rational world. This means that people need to be able to ask questions and generate value and efficiency to help digitize business. To get there, organizations need to establish a data culture throughout the enterprise. But that’s really hard work. People, process, and technology have to be in place.

The Active Data Governance approach means you need to be able to assign the right level of ownership for data without creating friction or risk. That way we ensure people are working with the right data in the right way, considering relevant regulations and policies, or whether this it is the best data set to use from a quality point of view.  This is done by:

  • Formalizing relationships with data
  • Operationalizing policy into action at the point of use
  • Community-driven collaboration and crowdsourcing
  • Automated and guided AI and ML
  • Agility to adjust to changes in the business environment

Ryan Glasunow

Data Governance Segment Leader, Alation

Ryan joined Alation in 2020 as their Data Governance Segment Leader. In this role, he supports other Data Management practitioners in operationalizing their Data Strategy and showing the value of how Data Governance can help accelerate an organization’s business transformation and strategic business goals.  This has been successfully demonstrated by unlocking the value of Alation’s platform supporting Data Governance programs across a variety of industries, including HTEC, retail, health care, banking, insurance, real estate, manufacturing, utilities, and government.

Prior to joining Alation, Ryan was a successful practitioner and led the efforts in standing up and operationalizing MDM and Data Governance programs at companies such as Starbucks Coffee, Microsoft, and F5 Networks.

Session 5: Bull’s-Eye Governance – Critical Data First

An important factor in realizing a successful Data Governance program is its focus. Too often, we see Data Governance programs fail because they start with a wide net; they try to answer too many questions about ALL of your data over too many dimensions.

A better solution is to target your most critical data first.

According to Gartner, one of the 10 key steps to include in a governance program is to identify and target your most crucial data pipelines. Join our Data Governance discussion to understand how to hit a bull’s-eye immediately by finding and governing your most sensitive data to address both governance and risk at the same time. John Radi, Global Sales Leader, Data and Analytics at Prolifics, and Brian Kordelski, CRO at Data Sentinel, will take you through the steps to jump-start your governance program in a targeted way – that leads to success.

John Radi

Global Sales Leader, Prolifics

Emil “John” Radi is a very successful enterprise sales leader with over 25 years of experience as both a solutions architect and enterprise sales executive around MDM, Data Governance, Big Data, and Analytics. He brings extensive knowledge of the competitive landscape in the Information Management and Analytics space along with expertise in the Analytics Security and DevOps practice areas. 

Brian Kordelski

CRO, Data Sentinel

Brian Kordelski is an enterprise advocate in the value of data with over 30 years of innovations in architecture, implementation, design, and sales for companies globally. Brian is currently serving as Chief Revenue Officer for Data Sentinel and is focused squarely on the evolution and adoption of sensitive data solutions that deliver immediate value, confidence, and value creation for our clients.

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