Graphic Art Depictions of Data Strategy at Enterprise Data World

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At the DATAVERSITY® Enterprise Data World (EDW) and CDO Vision 2017 Conferences  on April 2-7  in Atlanta, GA, we invited Hannah Sanford for a second year to visually illustrate the key presentations throughout the event with her Graphic Art depictions. Her renditions of the information presented are visually appealing with impressive portrayals of the flow of presentation content, providing visual accounts of important points using eye catching colors, writing styles, and drawings. Her finished representations of the designated talks provide a unique method of recollecting the conference material, as well as provide remarkable pieces of stand-alone art, all of which will interest those who learn better with visual tools, or anyone who appreciates graphic art and visual communications.

Enjoy Hannah’s finished creations in the slides below:

There were fourteen slides captured through “Visual Communications” as Hannah illustrates the sessions:

  1. In the event opening keynote, Raising the Information Management Maturity Curve, William McKnight, President, McKnight Consulting Group, presented how an increase in data maturity correlates to an increase in business success.
  2. For the second event opening keynote, Ursula Cottone, Chief Data Officer, Citizens Bank presented One Womans Circuitous Journey to the Role of Chief Data Officer, sharing how she found her way to the role and the most valuable professional and personal lessons she learned along the way.
  3. The panel discussion titled Establishing and Sustaining the Chief Data Office featured panelists Michael Atkin, Managing Director, EDM Council, CJ Nakamura, Global Head – EDM, Cerner Corporation, John A Bottega, Senior Advisor/Consultant, EDM Council – CDO Forum | Data Management Best Practices, Micheline Casey, Principal, CDO LLC, Thomas Redman, The Data Doc, Data Quality Solutions, and Ursula Cottone.
  4. A collection of talks were presented under the common theme of Risk, Security and Privacy. Rise Jacobs, SVP & CTO, Astoria Bank, presented Security and Privacy: Preventing a Data Disaster in Your Data Driven Organization. Daragh O’Brien, Managing Director Castlebridge, presented Global Data Privacy Trends and Their Impact on Information Strategy. Kevin Lynch, IT Fellow, Raytheon Missile Systems, presented Balancing the “Need to Know” with the “Need to Share.”
  5. Separate presentations were given with the collective theme Harnessing Data Analysis to Revenue Growth, with Data Monetization by Micheline Casey, “Connecting the Dots” Around Your Online Consumers by Dave Corchado, Chief Digital Officer, Digital Air Strike, and Data Monetization at BT by Jason B. Perkins, Chief Analytics Architect, BT.
  6. A Driving Business Innovation and Change theme captured three talks: Innovating with Data by Jim Tyo, CDO, Nationwide, Enabling a Data-Centric Innovation Capability: Doing Stuff Better with Data by William Brooks, Chief Data Architect, Mercer, and Transforming a Data and Analytics Business by Robin Gordon, Chief Data Officer, Enterprise Data Group, Corelogic.
  7. Our Shared Data Journey: Many Failures, Some Success and Much More to Do was presented by Jeff McMillan, Chief Analytics and Data Officer, Morgan Stanley, and Thomas Redman, The Data Doc Data, Quality Solutions.
  8. The presentation Data Licensing was presented by William A. Tanenbaum, Head, Tech Transactions Arent Fox LLP.
  9. The case study, The Dialog Between Data and Legal was presented by John Ladley, President and Chief Delivery Officer, First San Francisco Partners, Anthony J. Algmin, Chief Data Officer, Uturn Data Solutions and William A. Tanenbaum. The unique session provided transparency into the process in which data inevitably needs to “go through legal” to ensure regulations are being conformed to and laws aren’t being broken.
  10. The keynote presentation, Using Data to Help Improve People’s Everyday Lives, was provided by Linda Powell, CDO CFPB and Peter Aiken, Founding Director, Data Blueprint, presented several stories showing how public and private organizations have clearly demonstrated the value of data in helping people
  11. In the second keynote presentation, Changing Landscape of Data Management, provided by John A Bottega, Senior Advisor/Consultant, EDM Council – CDO Forum | Data Management Best Practices, John explored the historical timeline of the ever-changing landscape of the discipline of data management, and discussed some of the innovative approaches that are being used to position data management programs for now and into the future.
  12. The presentation When Business and IT Align: A Recipe for Agility was given by John Myers, Managing Research Director of Business Intelligence, Enterprise Management Associates and Steve Sanders, Vice President, TimeXtender, introduced answers to questions to reduce the schism between business and IT, which is paramount if the organization is to gain agility.
  13. Grooming a Data Steward was presented by Sue Geuens Head of Data Standards & Best Practice Adoption, Barclays PLC, providing a how-to case study on what you need to do to first sell the concept and second groom colleagues to become great data stewards and sustain data governance in your organization.
  14. Secrets of the CDOs was presented by CJ Nakamura, John A Bottega, Micheline Casey, and Jim Tyo, a collection of current and former CDOs who held a frank conversation about the nature of the job, how it is changing, and what they see as the biggest areas of opportunity for up-and-coming data and business professionals today.


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