KNIME Adds New SaaS Features to Automate Analytics Workflows on Community Hub

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According to a new press release, KNIME, a software company focusing on user-friendly data handling, has introduced a new Software as a Service (SaaS) offering for its KNIME Community Hub. The KNIME Analytics Platform, an open-source tool, is already available for free, providing full functionality for analytics through an intuitive interface. The KNIME Community Hub has been a pivotal part of the company’s open ecosystem, fostering a global community where users collaborate on data science solutions. The latest announcement reveals new features allowing teams to privately share and collaborate on visual workflows, automate them, and run them as data applications. This SaaS offering eliminates the need for IT setup, and teams only pay for the actual execution of workflows.

Michael Berthold, founder and CEO of KNIME, emphasized the significance of KNIME Community Hub in the open ecosystem, describing it as a repository for finding and sharing solutions and collaborating on data science workflows. The addition of SaaS features enables small teams to collaborate seamlessly and execute workflows in the cloud, facilitating improved efficiency. For those requiring a dedicated infrastructure, KNIME offers the KNIME Business Hub, a dedicated software for enterprises that allows teams to securely collaborate, share best practices, deploy, and monitor analytical workflows.

In summary, KNIME’s latest SaaS offering enhances the KNIME Community Hub, providing teams with the ability to collaborate, automate, and run workflows in the cloud without the need for extensive IT setup. The company’s open-source KNIME Analytics Platform remains freely available, fostering a global community of users working together on data science solutions. Additionally, enterprises can opt for the KNIME Business Hub for a dedicated solution supporting secure collaboration and analytical workflow deployment.