LDM Webinar: Data Modeling, Data Governance, & Data Quality

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About the Webinar

Data Governance is often referred to as the people, processes, and policies around data and information, and these aspects are critical to the success of any data governance implementation. But just as critical is the technical infrastructure that supports the diverse data environments that run the business. Data models can be the critical link between business definitions and rules and the technical data systems that support them. Without the valuable metadata these models provide, data governance often lacks the “teeth” to be applied in operational and reporting systems.

Join Donna Burbank and her guest, Nigel Turner, as they discuss how data models & metadata-driven data governance can be applied in your organization in order to achieve improved data quality.

About the Speakers

Donna Burbank

Managing Director, Global Data Strategy, Ltd

burbank-donna600-2Donna Burbank is a recognized industry expert in information management with over 20 years of experience helping organizations enrich their business opportunities through data and information.  She currently is the Managing Director of Global Data Strategy Ltd, where she assists organizations around the globe in driving value from their data.  She has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies worldwide in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa and speaks regularly at industry conferences.  She has co-authored several books on data management and is a regular contributor to industry publications. She can be reached at and you can follow her on Twitter @donnaburbank.

Nigel Turner

Principal Consultant, EMEA Global Data Strategy, Ltd

Nigel_Turner_Headshot.jpgNigel Turner is Principal Consultant, EMEA at Global Data Strategy, Ltd. He specializes in information strategy, data governance, data quality & master data management. With more than 20 years of experience in the Information Management industry, Nigel started his career working to improve data quality, data governance & CRM within British Telecommunications (BT), and has since used this experience to help over 150 other organizations do the same. While at BT he also ran a successful Information Management and CRM practice of 200+ people providing consultancy and solutions to many of BT’s corporate customers. He is also an elected member of the UK’s Data Management Association (DAMA) management committee. In 2015 he was given DAMA International’s Community Award for setting up a mentoring scheme for data management professionals in the UK. Nigel is a well-known thought leader in data management and has published several white papers & articles and is a regular invited speaker at Information Management & CRM events. Follow Nigel on Twitter @NigelTurner8. He can be reached at


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