Octopai Demo: AI-Enabled Advanced Data Lineage: A Strategic Data Imperative for EDM

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Enterprise data management as an essential business requirement has emerged as a priority for many organizations. While trust in data is likely the main concern for enterprises, not every tool can provide the same level of certainty and confidence. Data usability is another important factor to consider when applying an EDM system.

Cross-system, multilayered data lineage provides the highest level of certainty to back an enterprise data strategy. Add to that a data catalog with built-in collaboration, and your data and business teams will be set up for data success.

During this presentation, you’ll hear about the following essentials for well-organized, high-performing, and trustworthy enterprise data management, and why they’ve proven critical to our customers:

Automated asset creation: Best practices for building, organizing, and populating data automatically.

Traceability: Being able to visualize data’s journey from source to target, understand where any data asset originated, where and how it’s being used, how any changes to data will have an impact upstream, and so much more.

Built-in Collaboration: In-context communication about data and preserving tribal knowledge about data.

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