RWDG Webinar: Measuring Data Governance Performance

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About the Webinar

There are two basic ways to measure the performance of a Data Governance program. The first way focuses on the acceptance of data governance into the organizational culture. The second way focuses on measuring the business value that comes from governing data. The first way is quicker and easier. The second way takes more effort and more time to measure. Both are important.

This month’s Real-World Data Governance webinar with Bob Seiner focuses of describing these two methods described above. In this webinar, Bob will discuss how to select the best approach to measuring the performance of a Data Governance program. Bob will also share tips and techniques for improving performance based on the methods.

In this webinar Bob will discuss:

  • Two primary ways for measuring Data Governance program performance
  • How to measure the acceptability of Data Governance
  • How to measure the business value gained from Data Governance
  • When and where to report performance measurements to management
  • Improving performance based on the selected metrics

About the Speaker

Robert S. Seiner

President and Principal, KIK Consulting and Educational Services

Bob Seiner WEB-7Robert S. Seiner is the President and Principal of KIK Consulting & Educational Services and the Publisher of The Data Administration Newsletter ( Bob was recently awarded the DAMA Professional Award for significant and demonstrable contributions to the data management industry. Bob specializes in “non-invasive data governance”, data stewardship, and meta-data management solutions.

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