Soda Demo: Empowering Everyone to Take Charge of Data Quality 

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In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, data is critical to everyone’s work. However, the burden for maintaining data quality often gets passed around like a hot potato, as no single person or team is solely accountable. As the need for reliable and trustworthy data increases, we must change that. But how can we make data quality a collective responsibility, foster a culture of good data, and empower each individual to contribute to data quality? 

Join this product showcase and see Soda’s modern approach to data quality management in action. Soda is data quality testing that bridges the gap between data producers and data consumers, ensuring the right people are involved at the right time to leverage the technical know-how and subject matter expertise of every team member.  

During this showcase, you’ll witness how to: 

  1. Prevent downstream issues and improve pipelines  
  2. Implement self-serve data testing with SodaGPT and SodaCL 
  3. Integrate end-to-end data quality from ingestion to consumption 

It’s time to enable everyone to deliver trustworthy, high-quality data for business success.