Solidatus Demo: Using Solidatus’ Data Blueprints to Span the IT and Business Divide and Achieve Connected Governance

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For too long, IT and business have struggled to understand one another – speaking different languages, unknowingly misaligning on goals, and despite best efforts often failing to achieve needed outcomes without considerable churn. In today’s fast-paced, data-driven world, the stakes are too high for the status quo. This session explores how leading organizations use Solidatus to align business and technical teams to achieve objectives faster and better than ever before. 

We’ll show you how: 

  • Solidatus facilitates and simplifies communication and understanding between technology and business teams. 
  • Business and IT professionals can collaborate on a single platform that contextually aligns the business and technology domains. 
  • Solidatus is used to document and annotate proposed and approved changes, share insights, and communicate seamlessly via an Enterprise Data Blueprint for tackling complex changes, including regulatory. 
  • Users can rapidly assess the impact of business changes on data & technology to assess risk, consider dependencies, and drive an informed strategy. 
  • Solidatus promotes a common data language across business-to-business and business-to-tech teams, reducing ambiguity. 
  • Solidatus reduces costs and addresses issues like Shadow IT that result in even further disconnected teams and misalignment. 
  • Solidatus fast tracks essential data governance across your organization