What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) describes a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that automates language recognition and generation so that computers and humans can communicate seamlessly. To interact with humans, computers must be adept at and understand syntax (grammar), semantics (word meaning), morphology (tense), and pragmatics (conversation). These tasks have proven quite complex. Natural language processing encompasses […]

Natural Language Generation: A Revolution in Business Insight

“Think about just how interconnected the world is now,” said Matt Gould, the co-founder of Arria NLG, a prominent enterprise in the development and deployment of Natural Language Generation (NLG) technologies worldwide. “Think about it from just a personal context. How much data are you generating personally every day?” Modern, connected humans interact constantly online […]

Translation Software Has Its Place, But Also Its Risks

    Anne Merritt at The Telegraph asks the question, How reliable is translation software? Merritt describes translation software from Google and Microsoft, noting that they both “use a type of computational linguistics called Statistical Machine Translation.  This method uses vast databases of human-translated documents…to track patterns in the translations and draw parallels between traits […]

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